Exceptional Service, With Low Rates & Great Quality...
Full Service Dog and Cat Grooming

We no longer groom cats

Please call in Advance.
There are no more walk in clients except for nail trims on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 12-2. Please text or call to make sure we are available.

You Dirty Dog is great about getting your dog in so don't hesitate to try.

Bath, brush dogs like beagles-labs-chihuahuas and such are easily taken in. They are a fast to get in and out for our clients.

Birds, small animals & Reptiles
We also trim all birds wings and nails as well as reptiles. You can have your birds break filed as well if you need us to. Please call ahead as we need 2 on staff

Small Animals
Mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards, ferrets, & anything else that needs nail trimmings.

Book now for the holidays (pumpkin season, Thanksgiving, & Christmas, Easter, etc...)
We're filling up quickly & have limited spots left

Experienced & Gentle Groomers
CAGE FREE (except for the drying process)

X-Small Dog $15 short hair $30 long haired

Small Dog $35 short hair $50 long haired

Medium Dog $45 short hair or $65 long hair

Nails trimmed & dremmeled, bath, blow dry, ears cleaned & haircut.

Large Dog $70 short hair or $90 long hair

Nails trimmed & dremmeled, bath, blow dry, ears cleaned & haircut.

X-Large Dog $95 short hair or $110 long hair

Nails trimmed & dremmeled, bath, blow dry, ears cleaned & haircut.

Face/Pads/Feet Clean Up $20 clean ears & remove hair, face & eyes, shave pads

Nails $10-$30 & need an appointment for difficult dogs
Nails trimmed & dremmeled

De-Shed/De-Matting/Extra Brush Out Additional charges for matted dogs will apply. $30 per hour on top of regular charge

What you can expect for your dogs spa day...
~When your dog gets there please don't expect an hour or two service.
~We take our time to ensure our clients needs are met and your dog is completely clean and 100% to completion, and that we've done our job properly.
~We run a cage free facility which works well and keeps the dogs happy, socialized, and wanting to come back
~You can expect anywhere from a 2 1/2-6 hour stay. 
~Most people like their dogs to stay and enjoy themselves, because they'll be at work & stress free knowing they don't have to rush back to pick their dog up, social time, helps their dog or puppy to adjust to being away for short bouts of time from their people, and many other reasons.
~If you're expecting your dog out within an hour or 2 (unless it's a short haired easy groom dog it will always generally be more time consuming), then You Dirty Dog may not be suitable to comply with those time constraints.

Below are our guideline to their spa day experience
  • We start with the the rough in (getting your dog prepared for the bathing and conditioning treatments) Regular clients likely can be placed in the tub right away. Up to an hour or more depending on difficulty level.

  • Bathing is up to 3 baths depending on several factors. Your dog will also have a conditioning treatment as well as a facial wash and massaging !/2 hour

  • Hand drying until almost dry or completely dry. Some dogs take longer to dry because we only use air dryers hence no heat drying available or some dogs are too timid of the hand dryer so we towel dry then move the dog to a drying crate Up to 1 1/2 hours

  • After the dog is dry we let them outside or in the shop for a break and to socialize for a while (weather permitting) while we are doing finish work on other dogs 1/2-3/4 hour

  • Finally we'll do the finish work on your dog and set he/she out to socialize until their owner comes for them 1/2-1 hour
Please do not spontaneously show up to see if your dog is done. If they get any kind of idea that you're there they become restless and very difficult to finish. 
We will call or text you when to come.
Please be patient and wait for our text/call.
Your dog is in good hands, provided ample break times, water, and social time

With decades of experience our staff are very humane and treat the pets like one of the pack we hope and strive to naturally relax dogs & that they are happy to come back

A good deep clean bathing is great in bringing your pets  to their full potential, smelling good, & really getting them clean, deep down & really bringing out their natural luster.

All drying crates are disinfected for each new animal, wiped down well, and very good circulation flow. No heat dryers used only air

No muzzles (unless extremely difficult cases) are used except in extreme situations only e-collars

WALK IN TUB w/ramp for those pooch friends with bad hips, giant sized, elderly, or heavy...

Please call for accurate prices and scheduling for your dog 
Call or text  425-501-2762 or 425-327-0555

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