Exceptional Service, With Low Rates & Great Quality...
Doggy Daycare

    Dog Boarding

    X-Small/Small........up to 19lbs..............................$35
    Med........................20lbs to 50lbs.........................$45
    Large......................51lbs to 74lbs.........................$55
    X-Large..................75lbs to 150lbs+.....................$65

    Must be Up To Date on all veterinary requirements
    Call or text 425-501-2762

    In home boarding possible BUT the criteria is:
    Non aggressive dogs, 99% potty trained, & very limited availability Please book far in advance

    You Dirty Dog

    Day Spa/care Rates & Service
    Afraid this could happen when you leave?

    With it's geographical convenience for you and your pet(s), it's a few blocks away from walk/bike trails, shops, and restaurants.
    Drop off your precious pet to be groomed or use our doggy day spa/care while you mingle, shop, and eat in Snohomish.
    Now you, your family & friends can meander around our fabulous little Snohomish town free of worry.

    Your pets will have a blast at our place while being pampered at the day spa/care, enjoying walks, brushing, playing ball, or playing in a group of other dogs or at our day care/groom shop... 

    1-2 hours 6.00 per hour
    3-4 hours 5.00 per hour
    4-5 hours 4.00 per hour
    Late Fees: Late pickup charges are $3 for every 1/2 hour past closing time unless You Dirty Dog was contacted/notified prior. Dogs not picked up by closing will be boarded for the night at an extra charge of $35.00

    Water is supplied at all times. The dogs are taken out for a potty
    break several times a day. No more than 4 and no less than 2 breaks depending on the hours that each animal spends at You Dirty Dog


    We do have special rates for daycare and grooming packages so please ask about the discounts available. 

    Dogs must be without offensive odor to attend day spa/care 
    You may have your dog groomed and then put into the day spa/care after, or bring your pet pre-bathed.  



    *PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!~ Very Important~

    You Dirty Dog/Lang Acres LLC reserves the right to refuse day spa/care to any pet for any reason and at any time.

    Due to the nature of our business, to ensure the safety of the other day spa/care dogs, not to mention insurance purposes we must strictly enforce to the following policies:


    ONLY SOCIALIZED DOGS are allowed to participate in daycare at You Dirty Dog


    • PROHIBITED BREEDS: Excluding grooming services:
      Akitas - American Staffordshire Terriers - Bull Mastifs - Chow Chows-Pit Bulls - Rottweiler's-Sorry, it's insurance purposes but not restricted to grooming
  • PURE BRED UN-NUETERED/UN-SPAYED DOGS Will be separate from the other dogs, kenneled and taken out periodically for exercise and potty breaks but will not be allowed in a group setting.
  • SPAY & NEUTER REQUIREMENTS for group Day spa/care dogs at You Dirty Dog:
    - Female dogs must not be in season.
    - Males must be neutered, if over 6 months of age.
    No exceptions allowed.  
  • Day spa/care Requirements
  • APPLICATION: Day spa/care Application must be filled out , signed and returned. Please be sure to read all the terms and conditions. The Terms and Conditions must be signed before attending to You Dirty Dog Day Spa/Care 

    VET CHECK-UP:  You must have current records of your pet

  • Please call or text(425) 501-2762 to schedule during business hours after business hours. You Dirty Dog will supervise your dog to see that they are properly socialized, and even tempered with both dogs and peoples. Dogs must possess positive interaction in order to attend daycare.

  • FLEA CONTROL: A regular flea control program is required before attending daycare. For a fee you can have your dog or cat on a monthly regimen

    No flea infested dogs are allowed into the day care unless they receive a bath and treatment immediately upon entering our facility.
    More charges will apply


    If you are touring Snohomish historical district and drop the pet off for an hour, pay for an hour but are gone 2-3 hours-it's fine but call or text us please to let us know you won't be coming for your pet until a later time


    Emergency Vet Services

    In the event of an emergency during daycare, You Dirty Dog will make every attempt to contact you. If contact is successful, you may pick-up your dog or request that You Dirty Dog staff take your dog to a local, licensed veterinary center of our choosing.







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