Exceptional Service, With the Lowest Rates Around...
Full Service Dog and Cat Grooming

We no longer groom cats

Please call in Advance.
There are no more walk in clients. You Dirty Dog is great about getting your dog in so don't hesitate to try.

Bath, brush dogs like beagles-labs-chihuahuas and such are easily taken in. They are a fast to get in and out for our clients.

Birds, small animals & Reptiles
We also trim all birds wings and nails as well as reptiles. You can have your birds break filed as well if you need us to. Please call ahead as we need 2 on staff

Small Animals
Mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, lizards, ferrets, & anything else that needs nail trimmings.

With years of experience our staff are very humane and treat the pets like one of the oack we hope and strive to naturally relax dogs and cats

A good deep clean bathing is great in bringing your pets  to their full potential, really getting them clean, deep down & really bringing out their natural lustre.

Dogs must have current veterinary records and spayed/neutered to be in the general population
8 x 8 dog runs must have availability due to our day care clients in order for your groom dog to have a spot there.

All drying crates are disinfected for each new animal, wiped down well, and very good circulation flow.

No muzzles are used! only e-collars

WALK IN SHOWER for those pooch friends with bad hips, giant sized, elderly, or heavy...

Please call for accurate prices and scheduling for your dog or cat


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