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Maisie & Oreo
Next Litter Due June, 16th-17th, 2020
Both parents registered with the AKC & CKC (Continental Kennel Club) thus the litter will also be registered and registerable to their new families
For more info on CKC follow the link below

Maisie (left) is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog which basically the short haired cousin of the Bernese Mountain Dog & the hair is just like a labrador without the oils 

Oreo (right) is a purebred Standard Parti Poodle. The picture depicts a short hair shave because he lives on a farm and it's a much better to manage.

Accepting Non-refundable Deposits 

Solids or with minimal white......... $750
Parti blk/white patches................. $1500
Tri colored.................................... $2500


Henry, he lives in Arizona with a wonderful family and another doodle. They get to use their dog door and swim daily & they kept his name!

Dot lives here with us at Lang Acres Ranch LLC/Unique k-9's. She is liver and white. She is in truffle hunting training. Why not heighten her digging skills for truffle hunting? She's now 1 & doing exceptionally well. 

Patch lives with a young woman and her other catahoula dog and they are all very active and avid hikers. She kept his name too! 

This is Daisy. She lives with a teen and her mom on lots of acreage I get to have updates on her and she has an amazing personality. She gets to sleep in her girls bed every night

Polka lives in California with a young. He and s woman who is a Dr. He like to hike and go to the ocean as well as they paddleboard together and he seems to like it. 

This is Olive and she is a diabetic alert dog in training. She has already had lots of training and is well on her way to alert her person of her blood sugar levels
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